To FSBO or Not To FSBO…

In today’s modern world, I think we suffer from what I like to call “the illusion of information”.  The internet convinces us that we have everything at our fingertips, and can find out how to do anything all by ourselves, with no help from anyone.   However, how confident are you that you are ever getting the CORRECT information off the internet?

If you were accused of a crime you didn’t commit, would you look up how to legally defend yourself on the internet, or would you hire a trained legal professional to defend you?  If you are talking about buying or selling the largest investment you will make in your lifetime (a house), wouldn’t you probably want to ask yourself that same question?

Check out the graphic below.  This study was conducted to find the differences between sellers who used a Realtor to sell their homes vs. sellers who decided to try the “For Sale By Owner” route.  In the prior year, they found that sellers who sold their homes with a Realtor, sold their homes for an average of $46,000 more than sellers who sold their homes without a Realtor.  $46k is a LOT more money than the average commission that was paid out by those sellers who used Realtors.  Food for thought.  Check out the graphic, and feel free to contact me at any time, with any questions you might have about selling your home.

– Brad

Brad Reed

Brad Reed & Ron Roth, Realtors – Re/Max Empower

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