Kind Words

Seeing this on YELP just made my week – Thanks Adam!!! 

“I’m the proud owner of a condo since 2012 that I purchased with the indispensable help of Brad Reed. Brad was not only indefatigable in his efforts, but also pursued everything with humor and a relaxed manner that put me, a first-time home buyer, completely at ease.
Brad was extremely conscientious. In fact, I actually had put a deposit down on a place that I really liked and during the inspection process it was discovered that the outdoor patio (one of the major selling points of the property) was to require major repair. Brad phoned me and said “I can’t in good conscience recommend you buy this property…”
Apparently, Brad informed me, I would be dealing with thousands of dollars in repairs not factored into the asking price, and who knows what kind of red-tape with the HOA (all patio units needing to be uniform with the other units). I reluctantly passed on the property under Brad’s guidance. I trusted Brad that didn’t just want to make commission off a sale.  Brad wanted me to have the best possible home and home buying experience. I couldn’t have been more right.
A week later Brad helped me find a place that was even BETTER than the one I had originally put a deposit on! He shepherded me through dealing with whacky sellers, the craziness of other realtors, and through all the paperwork the whole way through. Anyone looking to have a great home buying/selling experience, I would highly  recommend Brad Reed and Ron Roth.”   

–   Adam B.


Brad Reed

Brad Reed & Ron Roth, Realtors – Re/Max Empower

323-449-7416 – 


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