Thank You!

Hello Everyone,

I was so touched by a recent testimonial that one of our buyers wrote for us on Yelp, that I really wanted to share it with you:


“Brad Reed was of invaluable help to me in purchasing a home in 2009.  I was not only a first-time home buyer, I had just suffered a personal loss. Brad was extremely knowledgeable, unfailingly courteous and good-humored while I looked at over 100 houses (!!), patient, kind and supportive. He went out of his way to explore neighborhoods I suggested (which were off the beaten path then), as well as expanding my knowledge of possible locations. He listened while I made decisions and then revised them, and then revised our strategies accordingly. He took my queries and concerns seriously. He never pressured me to think above my budget and he taught me many things to watch for and consider, not only in home buying but home owning. Things I still keep in mind. And he made the paperwork seem easy -probably because he took care of most of it! And he was genuinely happy for me, and helped me celebrate, when I finally found my house – which I still love. On top of all this, Brad is clever and fun and and helps you remember that even along the sometimes rocky road of house hunting and buying, there are always laughs to be had, and searching for a home is interesting and exciting.”

– Catherine O., Los Angeles


Thank you Catherine.  It was truly my pleasure. 



Brad Reed – Brad Reed & Ron Roth, Realtors

323-449-7416   / 


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