Did You Know That…

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Did You Know That…

…brain injuries account for one half of all fatalities due to falls among elderly people annually. Older people fear breaking an arm or leg when they fall but a much more serious consequence is hitting their heads. Aging causes veins and arteries to tear more easily from a blow to the head. Exercise will improve balance and leg strength, which helps prevent falls. Care must be used when taking medications that may cause dizziness or disorientation.

…you can get a free car for becoming a “rolling billboard”.  Some companies provide a vehicle with advertising on it to people who do a lot of driving in densely populated areas. Other companies will wrap your car in a vinyl film that promotes their products and pay you for becoming a moving billboard. You may be asked to drive specific routes or to park in specific areas to maximize advertising exposure. You can find companies on the internet who do this and you are usually asked to pay a small fee.

…thieves are re-creating legitimate credit cards and using them for phony purposes. They randomly choose 16-digit numbers, then try to place an order by phone or internet. If the charge goes through, they physically shave the numbers off an expired card and replace them with the legitimate numbers. Next, they gouge the magnetic strip on the back so a store clerk has to input the numbers manually. Check your balances regularly and report any suspicious activity that you don’t recognize.

…fruit drinks increase the risk of diabetes. In a recent finding, women who consumed two or more eight-ounce fruit drinks a day that contained high-fructose corn syrup were 31% more likely to develop diabetes than women who consumed one fruit drink per month. Women who had two or more 12-ounce soft drinks per day were 24% more likely to develop diabetes than women who consumed just one soft drink a month. Diet soft drinks, grapefruit juice, and orange juice do not appear to increase diabetes risk.





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