Feng Shui Your Kitchen

FENG SHUI is an ancient art and science developed over 3,000 years ago in China. It is a complex body of knowledge that reveals how to balance the energies of any given space to assure the health and good fortune for people inhabiting it.

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Feng means wind and shui means water. In Chinese culture wind and water are associated with good health, thus good feng shui came to mean good fortune, while bad feng shui means bad luck, or misfortune.

Feng shui-wise, the kitchen is the most important room in the house because it is the part of the home that nourishes and sustains life. The kitchen is also a symbol of wealth and prosperity and believers in Feng Shui say that how you design and decorate the kitchen can have a big influence on your prosperity and health.

For good feng shui, it is best not to have your kitchen close to the front or back door, where the energy can easily escape. It’s better if you don’t see the kitchen upon entering the house, as this can affect digestion and nutrition.

In any room, fluorescent lights do not promote good health; they are constantly flickering, affecting the eyes and nervous system, and can cause hypertension, eyestrain and headaches. This is especially true in the kitchen.

The use of warm light at several levels is best and, if you have a window in the kitchen, allow as much natural light in as possible. If you have fluorescents in your kitchen and can’t remove them, use full-spectrum bulbs.

Remove all clutter and keep your kitchen clean. A cluttered, dirty kitchen will have stagnant, dirty energy, which interferes with your ability to cook and enjoy healthy, nourishing food.

Any broken appliances should be tossed out or repaired – even if it means living without them for a while, it’s better to have no appliance than one that doesn’t work well.

Choose colors for the kitchen that blend well and feel good together. Warm colors are better than cool colors. Feng shui-wise, yellow is a good choice for the kitchen, as it is good for your digestion.

The placement of appliances is a key element in good feng shui. For instance: Fire and water fight each other, so the placement of the stove and sink is important. If they are directly opposite or next to each other, this can lead to conflict within the family. Fix this by placing something green between them, such as a green rug on the floor or a living green plant.

It is very important for the cook to be in a “commanding position” when at the stove. The cook should be able to clearly see the doorway without turning away from the stove. Consider installing a cooking island if possible. Placing the stove in a central island allows the cook to see the entire room, including the doorway.

Because the stove represents health and wealth, you want to use the burners on the stove top equally, rotating their use rather than habitually using a particular burner; this represents getting money from multiple sources.

An unused stove implies untapped resources or ignored opportunities. Even if all you do is boil water for tea or bake a frozen dinner, use the stove and oven regularly.

Make your kitchen come alive with beautiful, uplifting energy by bringing in a bowl of fresh fruits, a vase of fresh flowers, a living plant or fresh herbs. Also display some of your favorite cookbooks.

If possible, use white plates, mostly round ones. White is the best energy foundation for the beauty and nourishment of the food that is served on these plates. This is why good restaurants always use white plates.

Nine is a feng shui power number, and oranges symbolize good luck. You can bring good luck energy into the kitchen by placing nine of the biggest, roundest, most perfectly orange oranges you can find in a bowl in a prominent place in the kitchen. Each time you take one from the bowl, add another to keep the total number at nine.

The food you eat gives you energy. For this energy to be of high and healing quality, the food needs to be prepared in a harmonious and well-organized kitchen with a balanced flow of feng shui energy.

As we constantly exchange energy with our surroundings, a good feng shui kitchen leads to a good spirited chef, which, in turn, leads to good energy meals for a happy family!





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