Floss ’em!

Flossing Alternative

There’s no argument that daily flossing is the best way to protect teeth and gums. It can even protect your overall health. Yet about half of Americans don’t floss each day. They often complain that flossing is painful, awkward and time-consuming. Here are some alternatives:

Water Picks:   Water picks use small, high-powered bursts of water to flush debris from between the teeth. This is not as effective as daily flossing and the sensation takes some getting used to, but it’s a lot better than nothing. Water picks are particularly useful for those who have braces or other dental work that makes flossing difficult. Consult your dentist about the best way to use one.

Flossing Brush:   These are ideal for those who have overcrowded teeth. They brushes have bristles that fit between the teeth and make it easy to clean.

Pics:   These can be toothpicks, advanced plastic soft tooth picks and brush picks.

Flosser:   A flosser has a long handle that holds the floss taut so you can move it back and forth without having to hold it with your fingers.

Rota-Dent Toothbrush:   It mimics professional dental cleaning equipment in that it rotates and has a micro brush that gets in-between the teeth.

Gum stimulator:   A pointed, rubber-tipped tool that enables you to massage between teeth at the gum level.

Mouthwash:   Antibacterial mouthwashes cannot remove plaque from between the teeth, but they can at least kill bacteria. Swish for at least 30 seconds – a full minute is better.


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